back to the origins

Sometimes I regret not to have chosen illustration as a profession right from the beginning, but then again: everything happens when it has to happen. And having learned something else is sometimes useful. Like as I was commissioned with this project last year: I had to draw not only a key visual, like so many other times, but also a fancy floor plan and a perspective of the event site for the "Knauf Werktage". This is a touring show in which the building components company Knauf shows its costumers its new and existing products and how to combine them in practice. My client Fischer & Friends designed a flexible system under the moto of a fictive town that would be completely under construction: fasades all around the site, covering the hall walls, lot of urban elements like signs, light poles, fountains, little construction sites everywhere and the skeleton of a big house in the middle of it. I could go back to my times as an architect and draw all that in the floor plan and the perspective. This is how it looked: