coloring page #4

Last Monday I was visiting my friend Paula Popp in one of the stores where you can buy her designs and some pieces in the shop window inspired me for this new coloring page. The name of the store is depatoand it is one of the amazing and very distinct shops in the pretty town of Esslingen, close to Stuttgart. These pieces I drew here are a silk blouse by the Viennese label Bluhm & Schwarz and black pants by Paula Poppherself. The Bluhm & Schwarz designs are awesome: what at the first impression looks like abstract silk prints are actually photos by Xenia Bluhm, the beauty of the image itself and the a-ha effect when you discover the photo in it make an eye-catcher out of these blouses.

Send me your favorite summer outfits if you want to see them here.

*Please remember to use the image only for personal purposes. Get the coloring page pdf by clicking on the image.