proudly presentig: the Cornelii

From: Pontes 1 (ISBN 978-3-12-622301-0) © Ernst Klett Verlag GmbH, Stuttgart 2014

After a long time I can finally show you here what was the reason for long silences in this blog or for no references to real work (commissions): A school book for the publisher Klett.

"Pontes" is a book for the Latin students in their first secondary school year.

The book is structured in the way you learn modern languages: The family Cornelius accompanies the student during the whole book, its members live or tell the stories that are the basis for the new vocabulary and grammar and that I illustrated in more than fifty drawings.

Besides, there is "Lupus", a mascot that comments the grammatic tables and exercises. This is Lupus:


I am really happy to finally hold this book in my hands.