My month's faves: August 2017


What? It is almost October? Might be. But I still have my favourites of August written here in my notebook and they are share-worth. No matter what date shows the calendar today. Here they are:

  • Zur Schleckerei: This has been a favourite of the summer because they do (by hand) the best ice cream in Stuttgart. And that is a fact. And their shop looks so cute.
  • Emotion: I had subscribed this magazine for a year and then quit the subscription, although I liked it much with their "all around" perspective on feminine issues, just because I wanted to try others and I cannot afford a subscription to aaall magazines I like. Then I realised that it is not owned by a big publishing house but it is the project of a courageous and determined woman. So I subscribed again. It was not about liking alone any more but about supporting and wishing there were more women like Katarzyna Mol-Wolf.
  • Sugaring is an epilation method I discovered just a couple of years ago. I love its deep peeling effect, the fact that is not hot but removes efficiently all those hideous little hairs and leaves your skin so so soft for some weeks. My favourite place for sugaring is Senzera.
  • The book The Big Leap. I had heard so much about this book that I decide to finally pick it from the library. You might think that the idea of all of us having a self set upper limit that keeps us playing small and not daring to take action on our dreams or even dream them is a little strange. But I had a tendency to believe something like we sometimes live with the hand brake full pulled and it was helpful to read about this theory and the exercises it suggests to expand that self-limitation.