My month's faves: June 2017

  • iTunes. Not an Apple fan myself, I must confess, but a podcast addict, I like browsing and listening to my favourite podcasts through this platform.
  • And among the top favourites, this one: Skizzenbuch & Marketing, by my dear friend Johanna Fritz. Pay attention to episode 4 (June 26th) because it is where she interviewed me. In German, I must warn.
  • The Polychromos colour pencils by Faber Castell. An old love. As old as 25 years (I know, how can this be, me being just 27?). I purchased my 36 pencils set, compulsory, as I started studying architecture and I still have them (their souls: of course many have died in the meanwhile and were substituted and enhanced by new ones). This is the tool I learnt "how-to-draw-for-real" with and I recently rediscovered its magic. Enjoying creating new fashion illustrations with them and so giving a present, so to say, to the 8 year old in me who would have loved to draw this kind of girls with my current skills.
  • Božava. Every June. Since almost 20 years. What can I say about my favourite place on Earth? I keep mentioning it on this blog every time I return from the yearly vacation because I find it hard to get it in my head that a whole year has to pass before I come back. This time I write this post still sitting in my hotel room, the Adriatic Sea smiling at me from the balcony. Waiting for me to write the final period to jump in it.
  • The exhibition "Aufbruch Flora" in the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart. I managed to visit it, as so often with under-the-radar-exhibitions, during its last week. Thanks to the friend who reminded me of this jewel. Re-encountered Matisse and discovered Èdouard Vuillard and Pierre Bonnard.