Illustrations for Dress Decode

This is another story about the magic of Instagram. Right in the beginning of my Insta-existence I "met" the fabulous feed of Dress Decode. We started following each other. Her curated collection of photos inspired me to some spontaneous illustrations. I posted them and tagged her, of course. Then, some day, she contacted me to commission me some drawings for her new business cards and other stationery.

If you look at my posts you will see that I draw using different techniques and the result has different moods. I definitely have not found yet the one style or technique that prevents me from wanting to use others and I choose depending on the project: which is the mood that suits to my client and her product? This is always the question.

But I have to say: if I had to use, say, two styles to stick to them forever (sorry, less than that: I cannot), this sketchy one would be one of them. It usually requires a couple of shots but, when it goes well, it is very rewarding. Quick, graphical, clean. I like it. And I think it suits the fresh but sophisticated image of Dress Decode. I hope you see it like this too.

Photo:  Dress Decode