Fashion sketching live - in Munich

"1 Day 100 Highlights" was the title of the event that the department store Ludwig Beck in Munich organised last April 1st. Most (all?) of the labels present in the store offered some specials to the visitors: stylists and even fashion designers were there to give advise, there were small fashion shows, other companies gave some goodies like lipsticks or a glass champagne. 

Ludwig Beck is in the most central square in Munich, always populated by lots of tourists admiring the town hall building and waiting for the "Glockenspiel" to do its show. That sunny Saturday the store was well attended as well: many regular clients, curious pedestrians, bloggers and some of the tourists have come attracted by all those special offers and the nice atmosphere it created.

My illustrations were part of it. This is what the label Riani had thought of to give as a present to their clients: I would draw a quick fashion sketch of them wearing a Riani piece. Like in the occasions before, I had the chance to meet very nice people (the clients and also the workers of Ludwig Beck). It is a very rewarding kind of work to me, so direct. It is always pleasant to be able to put a smile on the women who receive the drawing, to see how grateful they are. We had even some hugs.

Thanks to the photographer Fabio Grazioli (and to the generousity of Ludwig Beck) I finally have some professional photos of me sketching live. In the pictures above you can see me drawing the model Alessandra from How To Be In Style and talking to her about fashion and the art of posing. It was a pleasure to meet you all.