My month's faves - February 2017

Yes, a little late: Middle of March and I am coming with my favourites of February. But I had so much to do recently, not even the weekends were free. And I don't want to lose this habit, it is a joy to be aware of the things that I like and make my life easier or more interesting. So, here they are:

  • The Netflix series "Abstract: The Art of Design". I liked all episodes. But especially, of course, the first one, featuring illustrator and genious Christoph Niemann.
  • Stone paper: I bought it the first time because it was cheap and I love it. Love it. It can handle all media and makes really beautiful accidents when used with ink or watercolour (see image above). Just bought some spare blocks here.
  • One of my gilty pleasures when I work from home: drawing on the Cintiq where a Lisa Eldridge makeup tutorial runs on the other monitor. I absolutely love her voice, so calming. She makes it that talking about makeup sounds like really serious and relevant stuff. Which it is, but you rarely hear it in that tone. And it still fun. I have leart three "go-to" makeups that make the mornings easier.
  • The exhibition "Manifesto" by Julian Rosefeldt, with my admired Cate Blanchet as only perfomer. It was interesting and fun in itself but also afterwards, when you go through the art manifestos it is based on and reflect about the many facets that the videos of the exhibition reference to them.
  • Couple and family therapist Esther Perel. I encounter her lately everywhere: magazines, Youtube... even the podcast Pardon My French of Garance Doré had her. So I had to buy her book "Mating in Captivity". I like very much what she says, so refreshing and uncomplicated, and how she says it. She speaks what? 8 languages? and has a lovely accent. In Spanish too.