My month's faves - January 2017

  • Formigal ski resort, in the Spanish Pyrenees: I had such a great time there during the last New Year vacation. It's been the third year in a row and it is becoming a classic.
  • A legendary actresses' roundtable at The Hollywood Reporter:  Cate Blanchett, Charlotte Rampling, Helen Mirren, Kate Winslet, Brie Larson, Jennifer Lawrence, Jane Fonda and Carey Mulligan. Just delicious.
  • The series: Black Mirror. Probably the only good series you cannot binge watch. Each episode has so much to digest, throws so many moral questions about our current society and the way it can, and will, develop that it is impossible to watch more than one episode at a time. Two was my max, what it was too much.
  • My new Microsoft Surface4. It is so small that my desk looks huge now. It is the perfect mixture between a powerful computer and an agile tablet. I usually work with it connected to my Cintiq but when I take it with me to draw directly on it I can work with the whole Adobe Suit programs installed in it. No need of extra sub-standard program. And, for the first time, upgrading to a new operating system (Windows 10) doesn't feel awkward, no adjusting time needed, all feels so naturally improved, you wonder how it wasn't like that before. AND I can post to Instagram from my computer. So cool.
  • This painting by Juliane Tögel. I felt in love with it at an exhibition in the town gallery in Backnang. Click on the link to see it. Really. It has something from the old Dutch masters but with a fresh twist.
  • Coming home using a different way as usual is a great opportunity to discover some nice corners in the vicinity. Or interesting business. Like I did as I found fashion photographer Klaudia Tot just a couple of blocks away.
  • Books have been always "my" thing and libraries "my" kind of places. At least as I was younger and still in my head. It was scary to realize that it has been 12 years since I moved here and I had not visited yet the local library (in the same street!). I had tried some times on their closing day or even on a day they happened to be doing their inventary. But still, that is not excuse. Well, now I am a library member and one of the books I took with me was one by the local calligraphy artist Sigrid Artmann. Check out her web page.