Thanks 2017


This year that is going away has treated me so well, I must thank it before it goes forever. I know 2017 has not behaved for many people and when I observe how politics are developing towards the far right almost everywhere, I only wish that 2018 brings more tolerance and compassion to this world. But when I just look at what happened in my life during the last twelve months I cannot feel anything but the gratitude.

Fortunately, all whom I love are enjoying good health, so the main thing is given. Besides, this year I had the chance to fulfil the dream of sharing my favourite place on this world with two of my favourite people: going to "our" Croatian island with my nieces came true, and I had been wanting to do that for some years already. This was the highlight of my year in the personal area.

But the biggest changes happened on my work as an illustrator. So many new dream clients, so much fashion illustration, so many new nice and interesting people. I had never met so many power-girls in such a short period of time. It is like everything is suddenly coming together. And it feels so good.

Thank you to all of you who are sharing this journey with me
and especially to the clients who this year decided to trust me with their style illustrations.
May 2018 be kind to you and your loved ones!

I could not have said at the beginning of this year that I would travel all over Germany: I have drawn repeatedly in Berlin, Dusseldorf, Munich, Stuttgart, Mannheim, Ulm and the big metropolis of Bochum, Kempten, Memmingen, Ravensburg, Sindelfingen and Schorndorf.

The many live-sketching events gave me the chance to meet lots and lots of people who received my drawings with the best of vibes. I walked out of every of those jobs with a big smile on my face. Thank you for trusting me with your clients, dear Riani (so many many times!) and Parajumpers.

I had the pleasure to see my drawings blown up to over two metres in the windows of Wolford. And friends sending me photos of them, from Miami! My deep gratitude, dear Izabella Markiewicz for this connection and thank you Wolford for letting me in your shop windows.

Who could have told me that the doodling of alphabets at the side of my papers during corporate meetings would one day bring me to hand-letter t-shirts for Riani? Thank you Riani for trusting me with this crazy idea.

I have been drawing a whole night in the middle of a big party during the Tribute to Bambi awards. Thank you for this experience, Madeleine Mode. And thank you so much, dear Ruth Garthe, for putting us in contact.

I drew four women types and their dresses for FourFlavor. Thank you, girls, for this commission and for taking my drawings (also blown up!) on tour.

With the girls of SisterMAG I have created several covers (blown up drawings again!). I had the honor to receive them at home for an interview and we did those very special jewellery illustration-photos. We also worked together for Coca-Cola, Maybelline and Lillet. Thank you dear SisterMAG for all that.

Thank you also to Marquis Paris and DressDecode, two of the reasons why I love going through Instagram.

2017 brought me also the first book full of my fashion illustrations. Thank you, Chris Hart and Sixth & Spring Books, for this huge (in every sense) commission.

All that above was absolutely new. No clue of it in 2016. But then among the old friends: thanks Johanna Fritz for having me in your podcast, Ritzenhoff for the new glasses and PaperProducts for our growing collection.

Thanks to my tribe "Atelier LaLa": Vera, Johanna, Inga and Isa. You made all that happened in my 2017 possible, because you showed me you believed it was possible.

My gratitude goes also to my family that cheers for me and gave me online warmth during the travels.

My biggest thank you goes to my cheerleader captain, my love, who kept my back free and makes all in my life even better.