Interview for SisterMAG

Credits: SisterMAG magazine, click here to read the interview.

SisterMAG and I first crossed paths as they engaged me to draw live for a Coca Cola event they were organising back in January. I had known about them just a couple of months before, as we learn about almost everything these days: Instagram, Google, the web. And I was happy as they contacted me. Since then I have worked for them live at a Maybelline and a Lillet event (coming soon) and we have also made a cover together (I absolutely loved this) and something else, just as beautiful (at least) that I cannot tell yet. So: you see, we somehow knew each other. But working in all these projects you never have time to really talk to the people involved in them and sometimes it is too bad, because through the SisterMAG Instagram account and the kind of things its team share, I knew we would have a lot to talk about.

And I was right: the proof is that Thea came all the way to Berlin to interview me in my home-studio and what was meant to be one hour or so ended up in 5 hours of talking about fashion, old magazines, making your dream come true... And I have the impression that we could have gone for hours more. Thea did an impressive job in consolidating all that in this interview that I glad to share with you. She brought Mirja Hoechst* with her, I like her photos so good that I purchased some for my about site (which be updated one day, promise to myself). And look at that layout, I love how SisterMAG arranged the pages, I almost don´t recognise my own drawings.

* Mirja also gave me a fantastic hint for where to go with my train-crazy father next time my parents would come visit (couple of weeks after the interview). And it was great. Thank you also for that, girl!