Flying with the flock and talking with Johanna

I forgot to tell here a couple of "important" things: First of all, if you are an illustrator or want to become one, I have good news for you. My dear friend and colleague Johanna Fritz has created a group on Facebook to help illustrators in all stages of their career to fly higher: the Fritzi Flock. Actually the idea was that we help each other but she is sort of the leading bird of the flock and she does it really well. 

Johanna is the kind of person that sets herself a goal and before others start planing how to reach it, she has already figured it all out and has achieved it. I have seen this happening many times and I hope (I know) that it is contagious: that is why I joined her Fritzi Flock (check out the web page and the Instagram account too) and why I also engaged her too as a coach. I have been working as a freelance illustrator in different fields but I would like to do it in the one I love the most and where I know I can give my best: style and fashion illustration. And I know she can help me achieve it faster. And, above all, with better energy, cause she is all smiles and laughter and positive vibes.

The second thing I forgot and that is related to the first one is that Johanna is interviewing illustrators (and I guess other professionals related to our industry too) and I had the honour to be her first guest. You can guess what the theme was: choosing this profession, starting in it and developing towards the direction you want to go. We had some technical issues as we started, that is why I am looking so tense in the beginning (no, I was so nervous! ha ha) but she managed to erase them from the video you can watch above. I haven't managed to watch it myself because I have a thing with seeing me speaking (in English!), as I guess most of us do, and I am just starting to come over it but I am not there yet. But well, I was there: I don't need to see it!

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