Month's faves - December 2016

Before a new month really starts, here are the best things of my December that you could love too:

. In Photoshop: Painting with the brush in mode "clear" How could I live so long without knowing that? It actually "erases" but with the texture and all other characteristics of a brush. I learnt it in a tutorial of the magic brushes maker Kyle T. Webster.

. The Youtube playlist Majestic Casual. Listening to it as I type this. Perfect company for super-effective working. I read (or heard) the recommendation in a BeTheNerd interview with the fantastic Meagan Morrison, the illustrator behind Travel Write Draw.

. The app Head Space: to learn and practice meditation, in other words to find right that: Head space. I also love Andy's voice, who guides the lessons, and the fact that they use so cute and fresh illustrations.

Bullet Journal: also to make space in your head and, if it makes sense, in your time. I knew about it since a year or so, but it has been at the beginning of this month that I have put ALL sort of lists and projects, well organised, together in one single journal and the way I work and organise myself has improved considerably. If you need to calm the dialog inside your head: do it.

. The series Westworld. Now looking forward to, what? End of 2018?

. Lemon curd: self made with our own lemons!!!Thank you Bojan! (I really intended to do it myself but he was quicker).

Which were your faves?

Have a nice month! And a beautiful year!