Dressember: review

As you might know I participated in last Dressember in my own way: I posted daily the drawing of a dress, so raising money for the Dressember cause (well, I did it also the classical way, wearing a dress every day of December, but that is not what matters here). I asked the collaboration of my followers and friends to send me a photo of one of their dresses to have as reference. That way I could be sure to have enough inspiration for this daily challenge and I could involve more people, what had a positive effect in the donations.

The response was amazing. I had planned to start drawing the dresses of the donors and then draw from the pictures that had been sent without donation. I didn't come to that. Because I had more than one dress for every day counting only the donors. I had to upraise my donations goal twice. I have "met" many nice people and felt the support of many friends and acquaintances around me. For all that I am really thankful.

Above these lines there is a selection of the drawings that somehow surprised me. I might upload some of them to my portfolio in the next days. As you see, sometimes the reference photo gave me already the pose and sometimes I had to "put" the drawing in a figure. Enjoy the gallery!