The eternal beginner

Ballet has saved my aching back and has been a source of joy for my soul since I started practising. It was late, middle of my twenties or so (if we forget a short approach as I was six years old, as I hated it and preferred the fun I found at the uneven bars). And there have been couple of long pauses. Last year was the end of a four years interruption, which I hope was the last one. Because I realised how much I need it. You put your hands on the bar, the music sounds and you forget the rest.

I have the luck to have an excellent ballet school just a couple of minutes from home and my freelance job allows me to go to uncrowded classes in the middle of the day. I tell you: just perfect.

If you practise ballet yourself, you know what I mean. If you do not and have ever had interest for it but you think things like "I am too old, I am too big, I am too stiff" or whatever: Forget it. Look for a school in your town and join it. All I know offer classes for "eternal beginners" like me. You don't have to aspire to be a Pavlova to enjoy it. Think about how many men play football on Mondays who definitely don't have the skills of Zidane.