A very special commission

Last June I was surprised by a very special commission: Maureen had found my drawings on my Facebook site and she liked them so much (this is a real honour) that she wanted to commission me a portrait of her that she would give to her husband-to-be on their wedding day, at the end of September.

It was special for so many reasons. The content was very personal: a portrait. The purpose was also very personal: a wedding present from the bride to the groom (I mean, no pressure :-)). The matter is very dear to me, in fact I just started a course to get deeper in the art of drawing portraits. The style and technique that she wanted is one of my favourites in my repertoire.

And then there were some serendipity involved in the story: Although the commissioning mail came in English and I thought at first that I was dealing with a customer from abroad, Maureen actually comes originally from a town very close to where I live. And as she gave me her address for the invoice, I saw that she lives currently in the town where I spent my first summer learning German, in North Germany very far from here but so close to me. She even shares the garden fence with the college where I used to have my German classes. Unbelievable.

She was the dream client: She had total confidence, she gave me artistic freedom and plenty of time. And she is really pretty: so that spending so many hours looking at her photographs and going over her face features again and again was pleasant :-)  She was so convinced that she commissioned me something else before I had even started with her portrait! I will tell you about that another day.

If you are thinking you would like to have you or a friend or family member portrayed: don't doubt and send me an inquiry. I will be glad to answer you.

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