When the evenings get longer


This blog is looking slowly like a subsidiary of Ritzenhoff. It is because I have licensed them so many designs during the last months.

If the glass I showed you here two weeks ago was the spirit of summer, these two ones bring the flavour of long autumn evenings with them.

They are red and wine glasses and the decoration had to be inspired in vineyards, wine cellars, harvesting grapes... you get it. The colour palette was very reduced this time and it included silver, which I like very much. I love the combination of silver or gold with glass. It makes it even more delicate, fragile looking.

This was my main drawing: grapes hanging from a vine-branch over some vineyards:

Talking about vineyards: I was used to the flat vineyards in La Rioja, Spain, as I came to Germany I was surprised by the steep hills the grapes grow here on. I was told that this way they capture the maximum of sunlight. I guess the ones in La Rioja have enough sun, so mater the angle to the sun. I cannot say whether the vineyards on my drawing are German or Spanish, a mixture, I guess.

The design was meant to be for the glasses only but then Ritzenhoff decided to use it for a beautiful carafe too. I have the glasses at home and love to drink from their really thin crystal. The carafe is coming soon and I am looking forward to have it.

As always: All this is available on the on-line Ritzenhoff shop and in many home decor retailers (mainly in Germany and Austria but abroad too: I dear client just told me, she saw my champaign glasses in Cap Town!).