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gomas de pelo

"Goma de pelo" is Spanish for hair tie and the name of a collection of drawings I am showing at gomasdepelo.

The story to these drawings is that since one year ago I find a hair tie lying in the street almost every day. After a while I started taking pictures of them, just because I found it funny. And then, as I saw a hair tie waiting for me in the very middle of the floor of the gallery during the vernissage of "Stuttgart illustriert", I knew that I had to make drawings out of those photos. A completely nonsense project but an amusing one.

Some days I find more than one hair tie, like that day when I found one while I was standing at the traffic light waiting to cross the street and another one when I got to the other side of the road. I made two mermaids at two different harbors out of those pictures. You can see in the title of the post the date and hour where I found my little discoveries.

Too bad that I did not start taking pictures from the beginning and a pity too for all those hair ties I could not photograph because it was the wrong moment or I did not have a camera with me. But there are still enough little gummy rings in my collection, and it grows everyday. Hope to see you at gomasdepelo.