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"Beruflich: das kleine Schwarze", Stuttgart 2014, BeFF | "Stuttgart illustriert", Stuttgart 2013, Galerie GEDOK | "A little bird told me", Stuttgart 2011, H7 | "Fall into...", Stuttgart 2010, H7

Fashion illustrator Virginia Romo


I draw fresh and elegant fashion illustrations that distil femininity for clients who want to make their product and story memorable and give it a stylish touch.

I learnt how to draw during my architecture studies and fashion illustration courses. And I learnt how to attend the demands of a brand and translate its message in an optical way as I worked as a fair booth architect.

My work ranges from elegant fashion silhouettes to joyful decoration patterns. I use pencil, ink and watercolours when working at my drawing table and the programs of the Adobe Suit when I work on my Cintiq. This range of techniques is set to serve the necessities of my clients with competence and creativity.


I had a grandmother who used to sew for Balenciaga in his first atelier in San Sebastián. I remember doing my homework on a kitchen table covered with fashion magazines. And I recall seeing the pictures in those magazines as an escape to a world without kitchens and homework. Drawing the pieces displayed in those photographs was a way of owning them, tasting their fascination and understanding their shapes.

Then drawing became a language to explain: to tell my mother how I wanted my next clothes. That language extended from fashion to the rest of the world: Drawing was a way of understanding and explaining everything. That is why I chose to study architecture: in my little Basque town, it was the best way to learn how to draw “properly”. Those studies brought me to the "Kunstakademie" in Stuttgart, which became my new home.

The combination fashion + drawing is the core of what I am.