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This is the blog where Virginia Romo posts her latest illustrations, projects and impressions.

gallery GEDOK these days

For the ones who cannot come to visit our exhibition: here you can see how the gallery looks like. The illustrators who collaborated in this exhibition are Karolina Pyrcik, Julia Humpfer, Stephanie Naglschmid, Davor Bakara, Greta Brumme, Isabelle Göntgen, Maike Hettinger, Christian Dekelver, the atelier Nanophant, Johanna Fritz, Inga Knopp-Kilpert, Vera Schmidt and myself.


This is how my wall looks like:


photo: Johanna Fritz

And this is the perfect team who had the idea and planned everything to make it possible: Inga, Vera, Johanna, Isa and me.


photo: Inga Knopp-Kilpert